'The Chase', 1812 x 816 pixels, 22 seconds, 2020.


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Paradise Together Forever 2020

Paradise Together Forever 2020

Paradise Together Forever 2020

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What are they, and why are they so relaxing? Are they part of the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) movement, or an object of meditation?  I'm not sure. Is this a screening, or are they being published?

I discovered them in 2019 after experimenting with my collection of animated favicons I had made previously by composing them into a sequence. Then, using a grid structure, they are edited into form slowly, with changes to colour, timing and composition, halfway being like he process of painting or editing a film.

Major influencers for this project: 

Sol Lewitt, Sim Farm, Magic Eye, Len Lye, the Fauvists

Experimental website design of the early 2000's

Notes on the exhibition: 


  • Once you go into the exhibition, you can only navigate forward with the white arrows

  • For more information, click on the boxes marked with an X

  • Best viewed on a larger size desktop browser screen


Together Forever 2020


Together Forever 



Together Forever 2020

same colour as background blending in