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Forest #1

1920  x 1080 pixels

Watercolour Loop 2D / 3D



Forest #1, 2021


Creating landscapes through digital watercolour layers, 2D in After Effects.


I've been developing a new style using digital watercolour brushes, layering into moving image landscapes. Treading the line between painting and animation, to create these immersive meditative environments. I've been experimenting with the transparency, timing, colour and composition.


This piece I've also re-composed into 3D space with lighting in Adobe After Effects. This also adjusts the cameras focus and depth of field.


The foreground elements are especially influenced from the flora seen in Indian and Persian miniature painting 16th-18th Century, and from spending much of the lockdowns in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, Australia - the colour palette is taken from this site, using Adobe Capture. 


#animation #painting #digital #watercolour #2D #watercolorpainting

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