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Synesthesia and music medicine, in watercolours

A visualisation of the original piano composition by Natalie Trayling.


The composition is amazingly, improvised: as is the film. Or, as close as possible to improvisation working frame by frame.

A work with over 4000 watercolours, and 18 months of production, first developed in 2020.

Studying colour theory this work references Synesthesia 'seeing the shapes of music',  8th century Egyptian painted circular notation: alternate ways to visualise music compilation 'Notations 21' by Sauer, and objects of meditation. Australian painter Roy de Maistre and his 'colour-music',  his charting of colour relativity:  And his contemporary Howard Kemp-Prossor and his theory of 'colour-medicine' in 1918, when he set to painting interiors for curing shell-shocked soldiers  'the ceiling firmament blue, walls sunlight yellow, woodwork Spring Green and floor and furniture primrose yellow...all the air is thrilling with the Spring'

Immersed in music and soothed by colour: the last few years being calmed is our main mode of operation. 


This film also pays homage to the abstract and highly synchronised films of Oskar Fischinger, especially his work  'An Optical Poem', 1938, and the work of Len Lye (1901-1980)


Composer Natalie Trayling (1934-2023) had an unconventional career for a highly trained classical pianist; she only played live, improvised, in public spaces. she became adored for her emotive performances. Usually performing near the intersection of Swanston St and Flinders Lane in Melbournes CBD, she also had years-long residencies in hotels, and 10 years in a major department store. She also played the pipe organ at the Melbourne Town Hall on a rare occasion, which is documented on her Youtube channel, which became a sensation as classical aficionados from all over the world made note and admired her talent. 


This collaborative work was created during the severe 2020-2021 lockdowns in Melbourne, which prevented her performative work. This song 'Among the People' was recorded live in Melbourne. Behind the recording, you can sense the presence of the people and the city by the street traffic, murmured conversations of passers-by, trams, and an ending exclamation of 'Bravo'. Indeed! To hear more work by Natalie Trayling, visit her Channel.


Supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants.


Best Art/Experimental Short Golden Nugget International Film Festival 2022, London England

Best Artist Short Film Kiez Berlin Film Festival 2022, Berlin Germany


Best Animation Diamond Eye 2022, Milan Italy


Best Animation Film & Best Music Video Golden Harvest Film Festival 2022, Tokyo Japan


Best Experimental film Druk International Film Festival 2022, Thimphu Bhutan


Best Experimental Short Film Cuckoo International Film Awards 2022, Thiruvannamalai India


Best Short Experimental Film Halicarnassus Film Festival 2022, Bodrum Türkiye


Best Experimental Film Tagore International Film Festival 2022, Birbhum India


Honourable Mention Experimental Music Video Rome Music Video Awards 2022, Rome Italy


Honourable Mention Best Experimental Film Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 2022, Athens Greece

Honourable Mention Court-Métrage - Experimental Bordeaux Shorts Biennale 2022, Bordeaux France

Honourable Mention Los Angeles Animation Festival 2022 2022, LA USA

Finalist Genesis International Film Festival 2022, Moscow Russia


Finalist Art Film Awards 2022, Skopje Macedonia


Finalist Golden Short Film Festival 2022, Abruzzo Italy


Finalist Texas Short Film Festival 2022, San Antonio USA


Official Selection Hommage 2022, Melbourne Australia


Official Selection Luleå International Film Festival 2022, Norrbotten Sweden


Official Selection Monstrale International Short Film Festival Festival 2022, Halle Germany


Official Selection Boden International Film Festival 2022 Boden Sweden


Official Selection Budapest Film Festival 2022, Budapest Hungary

Official Selection Hsin-Yi Children's Animation Awards 2022, Taipei Taiwan

Official Selection Insomnia International Animation Film Festival 2022, Yukhnov Russia

Official Selection Festival VicFilm 2022, Victoria, Mexico 

Official Selection ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival 2022, Baku, Azerbaijan

Official Selection Channels International Biennial of Video Art 2022, Melbourne, Australia

Official Selection Supernova Digital Animation Festival 7th Dimension 2022, Denver, CO, USA

Official Selection Tatra International Film Festival (TIFF) 2023, various cities, Slovakia

Official Selection 16th Villa De Leyva International Film Festival 2022, Colombia

Official Selection, Artist Q&A Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) 2023, Australia

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